Ikibu Casino Evaluation

Numerous individuals assert that the online casino industry became stagnant during the 2000s. As an increasing number of new casinos emerged, merely repackaging existing games and promotions, the saturation point was rapidly approaching. While I may hold a different opinion on the matter, it is undeniable that individuals who are daring to establish novel approaches within an industry merit our consideration.

Recent years have witnessed the emergence of a distinct category of casino patrons with the advent of social casinos. While these players prioritize the entertainment value over the games themselves, the fundamental components of these social casinos remain the same: slot machines and table games.

Upon being assigned the responsibility of evaluating Ikibu Casino, it became immediately apparent upon my initial visit to the site that this review would deviate from the conventional course of action. As soon as I was greeted by a character resembling a chimpanzee and informed that this site represented the “first casino journey ever,” I became curious as to what was happening. Would this be a social networking site, or would real money wagering be possible?
On what did this character and the underlying theme of Ikibu originate?

It is an open secret that I am somewhat averse to the idea of combining my real-money casino wagering with video gaming. With that many, however, I knew I had to set aside any preconceived notions and get down to business in order to determine whether or not this casino is worth your time.

A Brief Overview of Ikibu Casino

Determining the precise proprietors of Ikibu Casino proves challenging; however, I can confirm that the establishment is managed by MT SecureTrade, an organization renowned for its expertise in overseeing online casinos. This immediately instills in me a great deal of confidence regarding the discoveries I will make while exploring the website and playing the games.

Ikibu Casino was established in 2016 and possesses valid licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. This is an additional ornament in the crown of the license holders’ cap, as these two jurisdictions are extremely protective of player rights; consequently, it is generally quite secure to make a deposit and play at their establishments. These initial two details regarding the casino instill optimism that I will assign it a favorable rating by the conclusion of this evaluation.

Obviously, as you are well aware from reading my reviews, the possession of these two gambling licenses does impose limitations on who is permitted to wager real money at Ikibu. Considering the stringent regulations of the jurisdictions, the casino is not taking any chances and is diligently enforcing this rule. You reside in one of the following nations:

Establishment: Casino

Having acquired comprehensive knowledge regarding the entities operating this casino, including their locations and licenses, I shall now proceed with the gameplay portion of my evaluation. I would ordinarily proceed with making a deposit and immediately commencing gameplay; however, I found it necessary to conduct preliminary research on the “journey” component of Ikibu.

This online casino is a fusion of the aesthetics and features customary for a traditional real-money site and social casinos. The casino observes a game that encompasses multiple “worlds.” You receive additional benefits beyond and beyond the standard promotions when you progress to the next world after completing a level. Although this may not be to everyone’s liking, I can assure you that the journey does not hinder your capacity to participate in the casino games after a brief period of play.






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